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Everyone has to deal with change and it can be overwhelming at times. When there is an empty room in your house after purchasing a new home, or child going off to college, it can be perplexing thinking about what to do with the room. Instead of it being a stressful experience, it can be viewed as an opportunity to create a masterpiece of a room to enjoy with your family and friends

There are a few guidelines suggested by Decor&You, which is a leading interior design company, to take full of advantage of the potential of your space. The first step in this process is getting fully acquainted with the room you’re going to be re-designing. This includes measuring the dimensions of the room and making note of any windows or other features that make the space unique. By being aware of the room and its physical features it becomes easier to begin comtemplating and visualizing your new ideas for the room.

After becoming familiar with the physical features of the room, it is time to give the room personality, or in other words choose a theme for the space. Once a theme is established it is much easier to be decisive on things like colors or furniture. The first real decision you make should be to include something you love in the room, for example choosing a color or a piece of furniture that MUST go in the room. The something you love will become the cornerstone for designing the room. Next the basics must be incorporated like wall paint, pillows, tables, beds, maybe even a beanbag chair? What does the room need to fulfill the functionality you have envisioned for it?

Finally once the room is functional, its time to claim it as YOUR space. What do you want to incorporate into the room to make it uniquely yours? How are you going to arrange the room? What do you want to be the focus when someone enters the room? If you have a hobby or passion try using that as a focal point in the space. Are you passionate about music? Make that a focus. Do you collect toy trains? Make a working track your center piece. When adding your own personality to a room the possibilities are endless.

The point is when life changes for one reason or another and you are presented with the opportunity to decorate a room, don’t let it be stressful. It is a chance for you to be imaginative and create a space that will bring joy to you.

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